Microfib cloths

Traditional microfibre cloths are comprised of fibres with a fibre thickness of less than 1dtex(1g/10,000m) or 1 Denier (1g/9,000m). The fineness of these fibres improve cleaning performance through:
• Capillary Action
• Larger surface area
• One wipe cleaning
• Reductions in chemical usage

Microfilament cloths

Microfiber cloths are a next generation microfibre cloth manufactured from microfilaments measuring 0.15 dtex (over 6 times finer than existing microfbres). Microfilaments are created when bicomponent fibres (2.4 dtex) are further split and entangled through high pressure water jets.

Benefits of microfilaments over microfibres
Microfilaments extend the existing advantages of microfibres to give:
• Increased cleaning performance due to dense construction and fine fibres
• A 400% increase in liquid absorption
• Extremely low levels of linting, passes clean room standards
• Isotropic construction, the cloth is uniform in all directions (no strong and weak direction)

Fast high performance cleaning

Microfiber cloths offers faster high performance microfibre cleaning under a variety of cleaning conditions, providing improved performance in less time.
• High chemical resistance against chlorine, bleach, disinfectants, peroxide etc
• Damp & dry cleaning versatility
• Machine washable up to 500 times


• True 100% Microfiber
• Streak free performance
• Pre-prepared and spray bottle method
• Colour coding options (BRYG)
• Tested up to 500 washing cycles
• Minimize chemical use


• Ability to remove bacteria off of surface
• One step cleaning
• Variety of cleaning methods
• Reduced cross-contamination
• Long life span
• Reduced cost

  Priced by each

Old Code New Code Colour Description Product Size Selling Pack
A50102 A50102 Blue MicroStar Contractor cloth 40 x40 cm/ 16 x 16 in 25
A50103 A50103 Red MicroStar Contractor cloth 40x40 cm/ 16x16 in 25
A50105 A50105 Yellow MicroStar Contractor cloth 40x40 cm/ 16x16 in 25
A50106 A50106 Green MicroStar Contractor cloth 40x40 cm/ 16x16 in 25


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