Washrooms care

Washrooms care
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Acrylic Bowl Swab Brushes 5-10 Days

Acrylic Bowl Swab Brushes

Acrylic Bowl Swab Brushes • Economical bowl swab is made from the finest acid resistant acryl..

Bowl Brushes 5-10 Days

Bowl Brushes

Bowl Brushes • Bowl brushes are contoured to facilitate scrubbing and cleaning of toilet bowl..

Caddy 5-10 Days


Caddy • Locking strap holds bottle snuggly. • Hinged lid keeps bowl mop hidden. • Comfort..

Clearline Soap Dispenser 5-10 Days

Clearline Soap Dispenser

Clearline Soap Dispenser A new transparent designer soap dispenser that’s perfect for any kit..

Comfort shaped super absorbent Tampaxtampons 5-10 Days

Comfort shaped super absorbent Tampaxtampons

Comfort shaped super absorbent TampaxtamponsFeminine Hygiene Individually boxed and ..

Dual Paper Dispenser 5-10 Days

Dual Paper Dispenser

Dual Paper DispenserFor single fold and rolls• Our dual paper dispenser features a univers..

E-Mist Odor Control System and Air Deodorizer refills 5-10 Days

E-Mist Odor Control System and Air Deodorizer refills

E-Mist Odor Control System and Air Deodorizer refills Economical metered odor control system...

Gel Dispenser and Refills 5-10 Days

Gel Dispenser and Refills

Gel Dispenser and Refills Wall mounted and attractively designed, these units fit beautifully..

Napkin Disposal and paper liners 5-10 Days

Napkin Disposal and paper liners

Napkin Disposal and paper liners• White metal, noncorrosive sanitary napkin disposal receptacl..

Plunger 5-10 Days


Plunger • Rubber cup provides a snug fit to all types of sinks, drains and toilet. • Its st..

Toilet Paper Dispensers 5-10 Days

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Toilet Paper Dispensers • Free rolling of tissue. • Steel construction. • Holds one or tw..

Trigger Sprayer Bottles 5-10 Days

Trigger Sprayer Bottles

Trigger Sprayer Bottles • Our trigger sprayers and bottles meet all your needs — multipurpose..

Trigger Sprayers 5-10 Days

Trigger Sprayers

Trigger Sprayers • Our multipurpose, heavy duty trigger sprayers meet all your various needs ..

Urinal Pucks 5-10 Days

Urinal Pucks

Urinal Pucks • Eliminates all odors on contact • Very effective and economical • Block is..

Urinal Screens 5-10 Days

Urinal Screens

Urinal Screens Protect your pipe work, fixture or fitting from costly maintenance and time co..