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Acid Resistant Brushes 5-10 Days

Acid Resistant Brushes

Acid Resistant Brushes• 2-1/2” wide x 10” long flow-through plastic block with threaded and tap..

Assorted Grout and Detail Brushes 5-10 Days

Assorted Grout and Detail Brushes

Assorted Grout and Detail Brushes • Universal scrub quickly swivels in any direction to clean..

Baseboard Brushes 5-10 Days

Baseboard Brushes

Round Brushes• The White Tampico bristles are staple set into a plastic block that has two ..

Bi-Level Brush 5-10 Days

Bi-Level Brush

Bi-Level Brush • Dual-surface scrub brush uses side bristles that make scrubbing baseboards a..

Boot And Shoe Cleaner 5-10 Days

Boot And Shoe Cleaner

Boot And Shoe Cleaner• The shoe and boot cleaner is ideal in high traffic areas that are prone..

Carpet Brushes 5-10 Days

Carpet Brushes

Carpet Brushes• Available in an 20 cm / 8 inch hardwood block. • Carpet brushes can either be..

Cotton Yacht Mops 5-10 Days

Cotton Yacht Mops

Cotton Yacht Mops • Made from a cotton yarn with excellent water absorption and retention pro..

Counter Brushes 5-10 Days

Counter Brushes

Counter Brushes• Our choice of counter brushes are available with a variety of fills • Horseha..

Foodservice Brushes 5-10 Days

Foodservice Brushes

Foodservice Brushes • Foodservice brushes are made of a durable Polypropylene block available..

Hand Scrubs 5-10 Days

Hand Scrubs

Hand Scrubs• The hand scrub brushes are produced with a pointed block for efficient cleaning in..

Twisted Pro Scrubs Pre-Order

Twisted Pro Scrubs

Twisted Pro Scrubs • Twisted pro scrubs are specially designed to reach within, around or alo..

Utility Deck Scrub Brushes 5-10 Days

Utility Deck Scrub Brushes

Utility Deck Scrub Brushes• Our utility deck scrub brushes are made with an 11” sanded hardwoo..

Vehicle Brushes 5-10 Days

Vehicle Brushes

Vehicle Brushes Green high density premium fiber for washing large glass panes, finished meta..

Vehicle Brushes with Bumpers 5-10 Days

Vehicle Brushes with Bumpers

Vehicle Brushes with Bumpers• Heavy-duty block is 9” long, 2-1/2” wide and approximately 1-1/2”..

Whitewash/Masonry 5-10 Days


Whitewash/Masonry • Professional wallpaper brush, 9 inch wide with wood block and handle ..