Wall Cleaning

Wall Cleaning
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Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Non Threaded) 5-10 Days

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Non Threaded)

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Non Threaded)Award winning, ergonomic and attractiveThe tele..

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Threaded) 5-10 Days

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Threaded)

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Threaded)Award winning, ergonomic and attractiveTelescopic h..

Doodle Bug Frame Refill 5-10 Days

Doodle Bug Frame Refill

Doodle Bug Frame Refill • Attaches securely to holder with Velcro style grip • Detachable c..

Duo Duster 5-10 Days

Duo Duster

Duo DusterGetting rid of the dust, fast and easyTaking care of dust and loose dirt is easily..

Lambswool Dusters 5-10 Days

Lambswool Dusters

Lambswool Dusters • Lambswool dusters are ideal for all purpose dusting and are made from 100..

Metal Telescopic Handles 5-10 Days

Metal Telescopic Handles

Metal Telescopic Handles • Ideal when used with any cleaning tool to reach high or out of the..

Ostrich Feather Dusters 5-10 Days

Ostrich Feather Dusters

Ostrich Feather Dusters • Ostrich feather dusters are made from the finest genuine ostrich fe..

Swep Duo MicroPlusmop 5-10 Days

Swep Duo MicroPlusmop

Swep Duo MicroPlusmopStrong microfibre cleaning performance even on structured floors. Red..

Swep Duo MicroTechmop 5-10 Days

Swep Duo MicroTechmop

Swep Duo MicroTechmop Microfibre fringe mop for intensive microfibre cleaning performance, ..

Tapered Adaptor 5-10 Days

Tapered Adaptor

Tapered Adaptor • Quickly converts a variety of threaded handles into a tapered end ..

Trigger Sprayer Bottles 5-10 Days

Trigger Sprayer Bottles

Trigger Sprayer Bottles • Our trigger sprayers and bottles meet all your needs — multipurpose..

Wall Washing Systems 5-10 Days

Wall Washing Systems

Wall Washing Systems • This Wall Washing System is designed to wash and dust hard to reach ar..