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Anodized Aluminum Threaded Handles 5-10 Days

Anodized Aluminum Threaded Handles

Anodized Aluminum Threaded Handles • A durable hygienic aluminum handle with nylon standard t..

Blue & White Threaded metal Extension Handles. In Stock

Blue & White Threaded metal Extension Handles.

Blue & White Threaded metal Extension Handles.Hdles.Tapered Wood ..

Color Coded Fiberglass Handles 5-10 Days

Color Coded Fiberglass Handles

Color Coded Fiberglass Handles • Lightweight, yet strong – Composite properties maximized by ..

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Threaded) 5-10 Days

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Threaded)

Color Coded Telescopic Handles (Threaded)Award winning, ergonomic and attractiveTelescopic h..

Metal Threaded Handles Pre-Order

Metal Threaded Handles

Metal Threaded Handles • Lightweight metal handle with threaded metal tip and handle cap • ..

Metal Tip Wood Handles 5-10 Days

Metal Tip Wood Handles

Metal Tip Wood Handles • Threaded metal tip wood handles available in 122, 137 and 152 cm / 4..

Non-Threaded Fiberglass Handles 5-10 Days

Non-Threaded Fiberglass Handles

Non-Threaded Fiberglass Handles • A durable hygienic fiberglass handle withstands moisture an..

Snap-N-Go Mop Handles 5-10 Days

Snap-N-Go Mop Handles

Snap-N-Go Mop Handles Our lightweight mop handle is made of re-enforced high impact plastic a..

Tapered Adaptor 5-10 Days

Tapered Adaptor

Tapered Adaptor • Quickly converts a variety of threaded handles into a tapered end ..

Tapered Wood Handles 5-10 Days

Tapered Wood Handles

Tapered Wood Handles • Tapered handles are constructed from hardwood and are available in 2.3..

Threaded Lacquered Wood Handles 5-10 Days

Threaded Lacquered Wood Handles

Threaded Lacquered Wood Handles• Threaded lacquered wood handles available in 122, 137 and 152 ..

Tool Bracket Holders 5-10 Days

Tool Bracket Holders

Tool Bracket Holders • Free up your work space with our Tool Bracket. The tools you use mos..