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Cascades B180 Select 2-Ply Standard Bath Tissue 100% recycledCascades PRO Select® Toilet Paper comes in economical rolls of 1,210 1-ply sheets, helping to reduce refill frequency and maintenance time. Made from 100% recycled fibre and packaged in standard individual rolls, it is an affordable choice..
Cascades Bath Tissue 1ply 48x1000shCascades PRO Select® Standard Toilet Paper covers all the bases for your restroom needs, offering both strength and quality. This environmentally friendly product is the perfect choice for those requiring a soft toilet paper in an affordable package. Ideal for rest..
Cascades H280 Pro Select White Hard Roll Towel 100% recycled 6x800Cascades PRO Select® Roll Paper Towels allow for fewer refills and reduced labour costs. They are highly absorbent and provide good quality at an affordable price. These towels are an economical and environmental choice, made from 100..
Cascades Perforated Roll kitchen towel 11in 2ply 85sh 30/csCascades PRO Select® Kitchen Roll Towels combine quality and softness. These 100% recycled fibre 2-ply towels are strong enough to clean up the tough messes. They are practical and environmentally friendly. These paper towels exceed EPA stan..
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