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Micro-Eco mop Small 4 row stitched

MicroEco™ – Looped End Mop Narrow band and Wide bandGo green... naturally, with our MicroEco Mop..

MicroEco – Cut End Mop Narrow band

MicroEco – Cut End Mop Narrow band Our MicroEcoTM Cut End Mop is just another step in helping..

MicroEco Dust Mop Tie-on

MicroEco Dust Mop Tie-on Go green... naturally, with our new MicroEco Dust Mop made of post-c..

Microfiber Replacement Sleeve

Microfiber replacement sleeve • Microfiber replacement sleeve can absorb 6 times its weight ..

MicroPad – We

MicroPad – We Due to a special twisted process the micro-wet pads keep their shape longer and..

MicroPad Dry with optional fringe

MicroPad Dry with optional fringe MicroPad Dry pads are made with 100% ultra fine microfibers..

MicroPad Floor Cleaning Tool

MicroPad Floor Cleaning Tool • The light weight aluminum frame has a trapezoid shape for co..

MicroPad Scrubby

MicroPad Scrubby The MicroPad Scrubby removes small scuff marks and shoe markings without scr..

Mop/Cloth Pre-Preparation Box

Mop/Cloth Pre-Preparation Box Manual dosing sieve and preparation MopBox ensures correct dosi..

MUS Squeegee

MUS Squeegee • The “MUS” squeegees are designed to dig deep into tile crevices and uneven s..

Napkin Disposal and paper liners

Napkin Disposal and paper liners• White metal, noncorrosive sanitary napkin disposal receptacl..


Nipper • The ideal way of picking up, positioning and removing items without requiring ladder..

Non-Threaded Fiberglass Handles

Non-Threaded Fiberglass Handles • A durable hygienic fiberglass handle withstands moisture an..

Origo Buckets

Origo Buckets High Quality Polypropylene Buckets • 6 L bucket to place on the top of the ..