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Sanitaire Commercial 20 Inch High Performance Burnisher

      FeaturesFlexible pad driver provides full pad-to-floor contact..

Sanitaire Commercial Air-Mover

Air MoversMODEL SC6054AThis air mover has the performance and durability to dry carpets an..

Sanitaire Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaner

 Specialty Vacuum CleanersMODEL SC3683AOur proven canister is compact, powerful a..

Sanitaire Commercial Carpet Machine Extractor

      FeaturesQuickly cleans entire rooms with 100 psi of water pres..

Sanitaire Commercial Central Vacuum Power Unit

FeaturesSanitaire has developed a powerful 2-motor commercial Central Vacuum ideal for those app..

Sanitaire Commercial Floor Machine 17in Dual-Speed

      Features1.5HP, 2-speed motor with twin motor capacitors and 3-..

Sanitaire Commercial Floor Machine Sc6001 - 12in

Floor MachineMODEL SC6001A powerful, yet compact design makes this machine perfect for wor..

Sanitaire Commercial Precision Air Mover

      Features4 drying positions for reaching hard to dry areas. P..

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum W/40ft CORD HEPA FILTER 10 AMP

      FeaturesDesigned for daytime cleaning with True Balance brushr..

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum 16in

Quick Kleen UprightMODEL SC899FThis unit's 16-inch cleaning path and easy maintenance feat..

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum 3Q CRI

        Features • CRI approved, 6.5amp, rugged upright tha..

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum 6.1Q CRI with Quick Kleen

        Features • CRI and LEED certified, 2-motor, 6.1-qt...

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum 6.6Q Lightweight, CRI Upright

         Features • CRI approved, 5amp, rugged upright..

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum DuraLux

 Quiet CleanMODEL SC9180BDurable, versatile, easy-to-use and easy to maint..

Sanitaire Upright Vacuum QuietClean 4.5Q HEPA Upright

      FeaturesDesigned for daytime cleaning with True Balance brushr..