Dust Pans

Dust Pans
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Dust Pans

Dust Pans • Hand-held dust pans are available in plastic or metal. • Our dust pans come equ..

Dustpan Sweeper

Dustpan Sweeper • The ergonomic and efficient alternative to conventional dustpan sets • Al..

Litter Scoop

Litter Scoop • Our heavy duty litter bag and metal hoop is indispensable in a variety of situ..

Lobby Dust Pans Plastic and Metal

Lobby Dust Pans Plastic and Metal Our MI800 series of Lobby Dust Pans feature a large tray an..


Nipper • The ideal way of picking up, positioning and removing items without requiring ladder..

Pick Ups

Pick Ups • Our sticker rods are ideal for picking up waste by avoiding manual contact with ru..