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Cellulose sponge

Cellulose Sponge• Our cellulose sponges are very porous and can hold up to 20 times their we..

Cellulose Sponge with Scouring Pad

CELLULOSE SPONGE W/ SCOURING PAD• Cellulose sponge material is very porous and can hold up t..

Easy Grip non-abrasive super scourer

Easy Grip non-abrasive super scourer• All the advantages of the easy grip shape but with a whi..

Green Scouring Pads

GREEN SCOURING PADS• For situations where heavy duty cleaning on stubborn dirt is required...

Synthetic Sponge with Scouring Pad

Synthetic sponge with scouring pad• Synthetic material is more economical than cellulose but s..